je t'aime

I love you.

Words, I find are hard to time and even harder to understand. There's a fear behind the words- the circumnavigation about these three simple words tries to copy the emotion without scaring a person away... But why? Why not say how you really feel?


Which is ironic, considering that love has the power to heal all heartbreak. All too often I feel we put up blocks of cinder about our heart, too afraid and weak to cut open even the smallest door and let someone new in. For without that door, we must sit alone in the concrete chambers of our heart, just waiting for someone to break our wall- but they can't. Only we can. We must build, and plant, and make life beautiful again by opening up that wall.

So today, I am going to speak those three weighty words with less fright. I'm going to open my heart to everyone around me, knowing they may hurt me, but knowing that the love and pain I'll gain, can only make me stronger.

I love you.

Three words that I'm no longer hiding from.

Love Always,

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