Once out, they cannot return.
No matter how you try and fix them, they're said- forever.
They carry power.
They carry your intentions- sometimes ruining those intentions.
Sometimes kind, sometimes frustrated
Always carrying emotion- sometimes, too far.
How I wish I could say some,
and take back others.
Isn't it amazing the power that our language holds? Sometimes I marvel at how much can be said in words, and how much goes unsaid. If only we had a tool to look into the heart of someone and completely understand where they're coming from. Think of how that would change the world. But as for tonight, I really do wish I could take back some words. Not mean words, just stupid words of frustration. I don't think I'm a very patient person.... but I do think I treat people kindly, which is good, since this post is so downhearted. I think next time, I will really think about what I want to say to someone. As for now, I'll blog. On a Friday night. At ten thirty. I rock my own world.

Love Always,

p.s. Look up Josh Groban's new song, Love Only Knows. Feelings of my life all wrapped into one song. 

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