14 Days of Love: Day 10

Today, I love

Morgan Ray Davis.

It is her 18th birthday today. (I've decided February is the most popular birthing month- awkward sentence much? I think so...) Anyway, she is definitely the my best friend in every sense of the word and she she gets an awesome post.

Here are the top ten Reasons why I love Morgan:
1. Morgan doesn't mind that I'm possibly the most awkward person in the history of awkward land. No, I'm serious here. I really am the awkwardest person: like the whole refriderator shannanigin... it was bad. Anyway...
2. Morgan like to go shopping with me. Last Chance or Hobby Lobby, it doesn't matter. We just like to shop Emma and Morgan style: too long in one store equals unhappy Morgan and Emma.
3. Morgan sleeps over with me on the weekdays- it's awesome.
4. Morgan is seriously funny. I pretty much pee my pants every time I'm with her because she's so dang funny. I love it.
5. Morgan and I love California equally. We would jump in a car and drive there in an instant if we could. I'm not even kidding.
6. Morgan lets me borrow cloths. Our closets are semi-interchangable. Only semi because we don't live in the same place... that'll change next year.
7. Morgan has always been there for me. Even though we hit some SUPER rough patches in our friendship, we were able to become best friends instantly once we started hanging out again.
8. Morgan is super smart. Like really, she's always been smart (she could read before me- yes, I remember) and she hasn't stopped loving school and learning and it taking AP CALC! That deserves mega respect in my book.
9. Morgan is pretty much the sister that I never had, and we both belong to each other's families- we can interchange which parents we want. It's nbd.
10. Morgan is the most caring and loving person I know. She has listened to al my rants and "But I like Him!"s and everything in between. I know that I can always count on her to be there for me- even after a few years apart.

I'm so incredibly grateful for Morgan in my life. A girl could not ask for a better best friend and I cannot wait for all the crazy experiences we are going to have up at BYU. It's going to be so incredibly fun and wonderful.

I love you, Morgan!

Love Always,

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Morgan said...

I just saw this. Wow I love you so much best friend!!!