14 Days of Love: Day 11

Today, I love....

Cherishing this moment of my life.

Sometimes, I get overburdened with the thought of what's ahead. I stand on the precipice of life with my childhood and home life on the sturdy ground behind me and the vast expanse and fall into real, adult life ahead of me. And it's scary. Look back too long and I miss the sunset on the other side of the gorge. Look ahead to much, and I fall flat on my face and miss the fleeting moments that await me on the edge. Looking forward opens up questions that I don't even want to consider, and choices that I have to make but am not ready to. When I do this, I just can't handle it, and I have to take a step back, and enjoy my life as it is right no- which isn't easy. I always am looking forward to something or wishing I could change something, but life, well, it's life, and I can't change it. So today, I have decided that I need to cherish and love every day that I have remaining on the precipice because eventually, I have to descend and start the walk up the other side of the gorge to the rest of my life. I'm going to cherish the moments I have with people that I'll have to leave behing in late August. I'm going to love and adore my family with more vigilance. I'm going to make this last bit of life the best it can be- without any fear... {ok, maybe a little still}. Today, I love cherishing these moments that combine into the wonderful life that I live, and love.

Love Always,

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