14 Days of Love: Day 8

Today, I love....

The Stage.

Here's a little know fact about me: I really love performing and acting and speaking in front of a lot of people. You see, today, we had our school talent show and I happened to be an MC with one of my best stuco friends, Dahlya. First off, she is so crazy funny, but that is all for another day... Anyway, so we got to do all the corny mc jokes that don't really make people laugh but just take up time for stage crew to do their job and etc. But as we were getting ready for the show, we walked back and forth the empty stage a few times and my heart just soaked it all in. I wanted to dance across the stage, or return to my glory days of playing Puck in A Midsummer's Night Dream or sing Wicked to my heart's content... but I didn't get to. More than likely, I'll never reach my life ling dream of being on the stage because although I love it, I'm not the best actress or singer or dancer. So, I'll be content with my love for the empty stage and the full audience and just continue to dream.

Love Always,

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