Sunday Thought: Father.

Father creates the vision of many things:
Some envision anger,
Some envision emptiness,
but I envision love.
The blessings of a father
Who's always there for me,
Who lifts me up when I can't stand,
And prays, each night, for heaven's light
To guide me on my way
is something I will never
find the words that do convey
my full amount of gratitude
for all that I am blessed.


Today is my father's birthday. He truly is the greatest man that I know and I could not be luckier to be so close to him. My dad has taught me a lot of things: to shoot a gun, ride a bike, love good literature, enjoy poetry, and rappel down a cliff- but most importantly he's shown me how to be a good person. How to love other people, and always look for the good. How to forgive those who have offended, and seek out those who are lonely. I've never seen my dad upset, and his patience with us is astounding because we're far from perfect... but I know that no matter what happens, I will be able to turn around and run to my dad who's waiting for me with open arms.

I love you, dad.

Love always,

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Morgan said...

i like your blog.