First Day of School- BYU style.

I'm about to buy a hundred dollar online French program (thanks mom and dad) for my French class so I thought before I got frustrated by how much money these darn textbook people are making off all us college students, I'd blog about the first day.

Here are our first day outfits! And no, we did not mean to match... We're just such good friends that it happened.

Other exciting news is that we have plants, and they're named. After fictional characters. Yes. I'll tell you how this came about. You see, we wanted plants for our room to make it feel more homey so Becca's Omi, the very wonderful grandma that she is, brought us three plants. Now, obviously the plants have personalities so it was only a matter of figuring out their personalities and naming them. And then..... finding "Hello my name is...." name tags. So, when we walked into our ward social tonight and saw that our bishop had "Hello my name is..." tags, we jumped in happiness and asked him if we could have three name tags to name our plants. He kindly obliged us, while wearing his Converse All-Stars (which gained him 20 cool points). Needless to say, we love our bishop, and our plants, and our bishop's wife who heard our plant story and had a plant story of our own to tell us. So, I introduce to you tonight, (from left to right) Heathcliff, Javert, and Mr. Collins.
Obviously, Heathcliff is the wild one, Javert the strong one, and Mr. Collins the weakling that we're not sure will survive very long. We love our literature.

In other exciting news, Alex sneaked caffeinated DP onto campus today. We love her.
Looking unsuspicious....
 Inside the BYU bag... So heathen.
And, Becca's aunt brought us a First Day of School package- from the Sweet Tooth Fairy. I haven't tasted anything yet but it sure looks delicious. And greatness of the day, the second counselor of our bishopric knows the owner! Very exciting. 

And here is the most exciting news- I'm not kidding. In our ward social, we played speed dating. As we went around, Becca and I were partners (because there are twice as many girls in our ward as boys- boo) and we got to a boy named Seann. We asked him his favorite chick-flick and he said.... PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. It is possible. And if he were taller, I'd be in love. But guys, it's possible: men can like Pride and Prejudice.

And that warms my heart.

Love always,

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The Barton Family said...

He was totally pulling your leg!!