Free Monday.

Having the second Monday of school off is great. Except I want another weekend already... 60 pages of the Book of Mormon need to be read and I'm not sure I can handle it.... Is that bad? Anyway, here's what Becca and I did today.

We went to Jump On It today with Sean, Tyler, Max and Joey; however, we arrived a bit early (let's say an hour before it opened) so we had time to spare before we were able to exhaust our four hours of sleep... So, Becca became a tree hugger. Nothing new there.

See that crown on Becca's head?  Max made that for her.

Max and Joey being the typical Eddington brothers.

 After a long day... all the wristbands.
So now, we're sitting in our sweatshirts and shorts trying to do homework and largely failing. Now I'm really going to go read, don't even worry, Mom and Dad.

Oh, and Becca's insight of the day is that anyone can look good in a picture. Think about it- it's true.
(or with enough money- she just modified it)

Love always,

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Karli said...

so fun! So I'm talking to Lindsey right now, and told her that she and Alex and you and Becca should come over sometime! We can do dinner and play games and watch wonderful movies and eat ice cream or whatever. Anyway, Maddy Davis is my roommate and we thought it'd be fun to have you guys over sometime. Deal?