Sometimes, you need a break from school work.
After I finished my french homework, I did just that.

I snuggled up in my bed and watched Vocal Point own like Mormon boys do on the Sing-off.

Then Becca and I went to the vending machine and got chocolate milk.

Best. Thing. Ever.

And I really like this song....

I think my headache and I are going to sleep.
Becca is learning the countries in the EU.
She says that, "Creamery Chocolate milk always makes you feel better..."
and she advises, "Don't stay out till three am."

Not like we ever do......

I am excited tomorrow is Thursday. Thursdays are my favorite.
And Tyler bought tickets for he and I to go see the choir showcase tomorrow night.
I'm very happy about that.

Have a wonderful day!

Love always,


Nam said...

vocal point is going to win. sorry to kill the secret but they are the only good ones. not cuz their lds...but because they know how to perform...oh and sing. there is no rooting for them. they are already the winners. :) <3

Rachel Lyn said...

Love and agree with the need for a break! As for staying out late.. it's not like I ever stayed up til 5:30 several times at BYU.. :) Those were the days. Also, love this song!! Hope you are having a wonderful time up there with this cute Tyler boy :) Love you two!