We're Just Two Really Happy Girls

That's what Becca said to me last night as I told her how happy I was and she expressed that same amount of  happiness to me. College life is treating us so well.

Lately, I've been studying with this boy.

Obviously we purely focus on studying....
His name is Tyler.
He's from Oregon and he's an amaizing classical guitarist.
He's won competitions in his state- he's that good.
Plus, he can play anything else but especially enjoys playing and singing John Mayer.
Which is good, cause I like John Mayer and so does Becca and he'll just come play for us sometimes.
And who doesn't like that?

Well, Lindsey's birthday was last week, so we celebrated this weekend.
We kidnapped her....
(It seems to be tradition with us)
And took her to Provo's nonalcoholic bar, Spark.
We loved it...
I would say too much but I don't really think that is possible...
The Drinks:
Lindsey: Margarita which was spilt in .03 seconds because she wanted the sugar off the rim (hence the wet patched on he pants in the below pictures)
Alex: Something that we all swear really had alcohol in it.
Caroline and Becca: Something Limey.... Can't remember.
I got a Shirley Temple with Cotton Candy in it. it was delectable.

Alex was spilling right as this picture was being taken...

Moral of the story: With all the spilage going on... We should never consume real alcoholic beverages because I think we would all end up covered in some kind of drink.... 

Lindsey really enjoyed the night....

So much goodness.
Especially the fact that the waiter put his number on the top of Becca's check.
True story.
Don't mind Alex and Lindsey in the back.

Seriously college has been so great.
And we love to party.

This weekend we're planning a game night on Friday (for any wardies reading, you're invited. Talk to me or Becca or someone and we'll give you the details.)
The BYU v. UofU football game- SO EXCITED.
And maybe some homework...
Ya know, if we feel like it.

Speaking of, I'm going to go study French.
I kept spelling actors acteurs today....
At least I know parts of the French are sinking in.

Becca's not here.. Or I would give you her words of advice....

Life is the Best.

Love always,


Anonymous said...

You girlies are so cute! I love you and happy to hear college is treating you all well...the spillage made me laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I can't handle how adorable you gals are. 1) Marry Tyler 2) If ya'll ever really do get drunk, I would like to be there.

Laraine Eddington said...

Keep blogging Emma. I am loving your window on BYU.