The Weekend in Review.

Bonjour, les amis!

Let me tell you, this weekend was beautiful in so many ways.
It made me really want to be in love.

No worries, Mom and Dad,
I'm not getting married anytime soon
(although, I wish it was the future so I was...)

Regardless of that desire, I'm loving being a freshman,

Here's why this weekend made me want to be in love.

My cousin, Shawnee, got married and my family and I spent the weekend in Salt Lake enjoying wedding stress and festivities.

Here's the thing,
it rekindled my love for weddings more than anything before.
There's no degree for wedding planning though,
and therein lies my dilemma.

Anyway, here's the happy couple enjoying their first dance.
It makes my heart melt.
True love.
It's very much worth the wait,
I just keep saying that to myself.

In other news,
I had this frustration the other week about how sad it is that little children in other countries cannot enjoy Dr. Seuss because his wit and rhymes would not translate well.
Lo and behold, I found this in Anthropologie.
Green Eggs and Ham in French.
French, my beloved language.
I added it to my birthday list the moment I saw it and I am now satisfied to know that children in other countries can appreciate Dr. Seuss as much as I do.

Here are some other pictures from the weekend. I was so happy all weekend. Nothing better.

Sunday afternoon, Bexs decided to be a hippster for .5 seconds.
Doesn't she look like a genuine hipster?
Fake glasses, obscure band t-shirt, jean jacket and all!

 Scotty, Bexs, our home-ward friend Alisha (she was visiting from Idaho) and I decided to go on a little walk after dinner.
We got stuck outside the Marriott center because the grass looked so lush that I just had to lay in it.
It ended up that Scotty became our photographer for a bit.
Scotty rocks, needless to say.

 Bexs wanted to creepily crawl towards Scotty....

The reason for our walk was to delivere a package to Morgan, but she was in church.
So, logically, we hid the package in a bush outside the Marriott center while we went to the temple.

The temple was beautiful. 
I actually would consider getting married there if my dear Mesa temple were closed. (a very real possibility)
See all the missionaries behind us?
It was temple visiting time for a large portion of the MTC and it was crazy how many missionaries were there! I named it the missionary invasion.

On our way home, we ran into none other than Elder Conrad Nicole!
This is our super confused picture.
It's a classic, obviously.

Last, but most certainly not least, a plant update.
Javert, unfortunately, died. 
We were going to have a proper funeral for him last weekend by throwing him in the river, but, he was left in Alex and Lindsey's room.
So, last night, as we created our Scale, this package slides into our room.
I just about died of laughter, as did Bexs and Scotty.
Night, made.

Life is so wonderful, my friends!
Keep on keeping on!

Love always,

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Hillary said...

Hi Emma! I am Scotty's sister! I have always loved your blog and thought since my brother has made two debuts on it I should finally introduce myself. Thank you for keeping tabs on my brother and documenting his adventures. Oh and btw I am impressed with how good of a photographer he is. Well you are adorable! Also when I am a good sister and have Scott over for dinner you are always welcome! Continue to enjoy your freshman year! Hillary:)