Lots to Talk About.

Hello, people of the blogging world. 
There is a lot to talk about, just as my title says.
We have....
And, some more school.

Let me tell ya, I love school, but it's gosh darn hard.
But still, I love it.
I've switched my minor...
in my head....
I never actually declared it with the officials.
I've decided, for now, on communications and possibly a double minor in French.
We will see how that works out for me.

As I told Becca on Saturday,
I think I'd rather clean houses all day then go to school.
Something is wrong with that sentence.

So, here's a quickie update on life in the room with a view.

We spent a weekend up in Park City a while back and Kassie about broke Caroline's finger in our adventures in baking. Kassie was traumatized. The rest of us were just trying not to die of laughter.

This was the night of technology overload. I was on the phone with my dad, texting Jacob, and also on goggle docs with my dad editing my essay. It was a lot to take in. Regardless, please just be so amazed at this conversation Jacob and I were having. Really, I'm still trying to figure out if this kid is real or if he's just pretending....

One of my favorite things?
Smart Water.
Especially when I get the otter.
Not so much when I get the lobster.

But really, how can you refuse to recycle with such a cute thing encouraging you?

One night, as we were sitting at dinner, Asa calls Alex and Alex sprints out of the Cannon Center.
Next thing I know, I'm getting a call from Alex who tells me I need to smuggle out food because they have a kitten and he's starving.
I, of course, made the boys do it.
So Jacob made this nasty meat sandwich....
And then he had to throw it away because you cannot take food out go the Cannon Center.
Operation Food for Kitten: fail.

I've never seen boys so in love with a kitten.

Here's another tragedy.
Mr. Collins got knocked off the window sill....
We replanted him in Javert's pot.
Hopefully that doesn't kill him.

One night I walked into our room and found our sink a war zone.....
Who knows what happened;
however, now I am an expert light fixer.

We had an awesome Halloween. 
We dressed up as 80's rockers,
and our favorite ward boys had the most creative outfits. 
Exhibit A. 
Dallin and Michael dressed as Michael and Dallin.
If you knew them, you would be laughing a lot harder. 

All our ward boys. 
Included in the array of outfits are Winnie the Pooh, a Utah fan, thugs slash mobsters, a pirate, and a Hunter (because his name is Alex Hunter.... it's puny...)

Our very favorite Salt Lake City boy came and visited us!
We were so very happy to see him even though his costume was a bit pathetic....
And Nate is excellently photobombing in this picture.

So yes, that is the life from the room with a view.

Life, my friends, is good.
I love being up here at the good 'ole BYU.
There really is not a better school, and most definitely there are no better people than the people I have been able to become friends with.
Isn't it great to look around and realize how blessed we are?

Love always,

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Danielle and Trev said...

You are TOO cute!! Love college and all the crazy things that happen with it. Those boys with the kitten- my favorite! Following now!