Becoming a Jet-setter.

So, this has been a month of madness.
A week of madness.
But it will soon become a month of madness.

You see, 
I left Provo on Wednesday for Ogden so that my grandma and I could fly to DC.
Upon arrival in Ogden, I realized I left all forms of ID in Provo...
So, we drove all the way to Provo and back to Salt Lake Thursday morning so I could get on the plane.
It was a bit chaotic. 
I made it to DC! 

This weekend, I am heading home to Mesa,
which I am so very excited about.
Then back to Provo for the two days of classes 
and a wonderful thanksgiving with my Kendrick side. 

I will soon be an expert at the SLC airport.

Onto to the good stuff!
Last week....
What a fun week. 
I spent lots of time with my favorite ward boys. 
They like to cuddle with each other...
I agree. 
But I still love 'em.

Here is Scotty's new favorite pastime-
taking pictures on my iPhone. 
Not just a few....
Exhibit A. 
Scotty by Scotty.
Exhibit B.
Emma Cries for her Phone
(An excuse to hold a hand)
by Scotty.

Exhibit C.
An Experiment in Blurriness. 
(Emma and Jacob thumb waring)
By Scotty.

And what's even better, 
my little brother loves doing the same thing. 

Exhibit A. 
The many faces of Seth. 
Face number 586 
By Seth.
Don't worry, he really is a cute boy...

In other news, we Mesa kids experienced a new thing....
You can't see it in this picture but I promise, it's there.

During the weekend, we celebrated this new white fluffy stuff with my beloved Mesa boys in Heritage.
I love those guys.

Now, a look at DC via Instagram. 

It was a blessing to be in DC on Veteran's day.
The men and women who those monuments are dedicated to mean so much to me.
Seeing the Veterans at the memorials was something I will never forget. 
Their faces full of sorrow, pride, and remembrance were truly humbling.
Everyday I thank God that I live in such a blessed country and that there are so many people who are willing to go and fight and die for my freedoms. 
I know that I will never be able to thank them enough. 

The whole reason for being in DC was for my oldest brother, Josh's wedding.
I love my brother.
He has always been the most caring and kind brother I could ask for.
I remember being about eleven when he would come in "late at night" and sit on the edge of my bed and just talk to me. 
He always took time out of his life to take care of me and make me feel extra special.  
I'm so thankful that he has finally found someone who is equally as wonderful.
Sarah is joy and happiness wrapped up in a person, and the way she looks at my brother shows me that she will always stand by his side, loving him and supporting him.
They will be a loving, kind, and exuberant couple together and I am so happy for them. 

I may have teared up during their first dance.
And while dancing with my dad...
And while dancing with my brother....

It was a beautiful night, 
brimming with love and happiness.

I'm so grateful to know that life and love will go on forever.
God's plan is wonderful, and so good. 

Through all the misery around us
and all the hard times people face,
if we but look around,
we will all see how wonderful life is.

This much, I am sure of. 

Love always,

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