A lot of things make me happy. Being home, being surrounded by friends, having a person who's single goal of each day seems to be to put a smile on my face. Today, I am overwhelmed with those feelings of happiness- they've exceeded happiness and turned to bliss.

I think that bliss may be a simpler concept than happiness. Happiness can be found in sorrow, happiness can be found mixed in with five million other emotions, and happiness can just be happiness; however, bliss is pure. Bliss is peace. Tonight, I feel bliss. I feel bliss knowing that there's only a few weeks of school left. I feel bliss knowing that last week is over and that I only have two days of school stress this week. The greatest bliss though, came through the people in my life. Coming home and being embraced by the people I have missed so much, seeing church teachers again who are so eager and happy to know that life at BYU is going well, knowing I am missed and loved in Provo- those people have filled me with bliss today. 

Bliss, is more than just happiness. It's happiness and contentment, and for me, it is indescribable. I'm grateful to be surrounded by so many wonderful people and to feel the love that people have for each other. I'm especially grateful to know that there are so many good people in the world because there are, there really are. 

Doesn't that knowledge just make you feel blissful?

Life is a wonderful thing. 

Love always,

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