Two Hours of Sleep, and Two Planes Later....

Well, ya'll, I'm finally in Orlando. Is that not crazy? Lemme tell ya, I felt so grown up being shipped off at Sky Harbor to start a life on the other side of the country.
(Me being Adultish and  Jet-setterish) 

I flew first to JFK (don't ask me why) and then to Orlando and learned that the most comfortable way to sleep was with my legs crossed and then sleeping on my legs... Only way I could sleep.

And then, after getting half way through Nienie's Heaven is Here (excellent, highly recommended), I was in Orlando and finding my shuttle to my apartments!

See, my ticket even says I'm an adult. That's when it hit me. I was an adult. And so I was off. Found my roommates and love them. Somehow our apartment of six girls has two rooms of a Emma and Katelynn pair. So things get pretty confusing sometimes around here. Luckily, my roommate's mom drove her here and so her mom took us all to Walmart and golly did we load up. Turns out that my roommate knows Jacob. The world is seriously tiny! Anyway, we spent a good hour at Walmart and got so many things... My cart.....

And, the back  of the car....

And then it was off to casting which stressed me out because when they ask me if I've committed a felony, I no the answer is no but they ask me as if I should rethink my answer. It's an issue. But the best part of the casting center was the main foyer with the statues of all the characters. My favorite was Goofy because it reminded me of Caleb....

Then easiest lifeguard test of my life. Turns out that if you're a shallow water lifeguard (which I am) then you only have to swim 50 yards (two lengths) and then retrieve a brick from 5 ft of water... When you're 5'9" this is a bit laughable and so my two friends, who are also shallow water lifeguards, and I, made it quite the entertainment for ourselves. 
Ah. I'm loving it here. It's going to be a blast and I cannot wait to get my front gate pass on Friday so that I can get into the parks. It's going to be the best day ever!! 

Also, please enjoy this picture with me. Jacob says that sometimes he pretends that his dog is a Sheep and he is the shepard. Every time I look at this picture, I just laugh. And also, notice that his smirk has been the same through the ages. Also another thing that makes me laugh all the time. 

Is his smirk not exactly the same?! 

Ah man, life is so good. 

Love always, 


Kaylie said...

Have a lovely and enjoyable time in Orlando!

Sunshine said...

You are so adorable! I love you a ton and miss you already!!!! :) Say hello to the east for me! :)