Name Tagged.

Yesterday, my friends, I finally got my name tag.

It was a happy day indeed! Mickey brought them to us at Disney university so that just added to the magic that is the Disney College Program. 

Honestly, these past two days have been amazing. I can't even express how happy I am that I chose to come down to Florida to do this program. There are lots of hard things about it, mainly being so far away from family and the hours that I'm going to be working, but Disney World is so magical. Everything about it makes me want to skip everywhere and I get to spend my entire summer here. What else could I ask for? 

Yesterday after our Traditions hooha we went into The Magic Kingdom for a fabulous afternoon. We spent the rest of our day there and hit every major ride. We are seriously pros at this Disney amusement park thing. Best part of the day? There were two. 

One: getting stuck on Splash mountain for about 45 minutes. Luckily, we weren't stuck on a hill. Man that would have been the worst. 

Two: Talking to our little Canadian friends who were standing behind us in Space Mountain. It was a fine day indeed. If it hadn't been creepy I would have gotten a picture with them but that would have been creepy. 

Also, I was asked to time the line for Space Mountain and so they handed me this fancy red plastic thingy that I had to take through the line. I almost lost it while playing the games that they have in the waiting line of Space Mountain (they are awesome! Who needs a fast pass when you can play games while you wait?!) so that would have been disastrous. Happy to say, I safely got it to the ride loader and they were able to update the wait time. 

 I really love Winnie the Pooh. He's such a classic.

 Below are our two Disney World Novices. Kyle (in the back) had never been to a Disney park at all and Andy hadn't been to Disney World and so they called their parents on the ferry ride home (uh ya, hello, magical) and I just had to take a picture because they were both so ecstatic about how great the day had been.

Training starts on Sunday then it's off to the races with work. 
Regardless, life is great. 

Love always,

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