After three days of 8 hour training days, I am now an Ellis and Associates Licensed Lifeguard. 
Best part about this?
I don't have to take another week to train for another role in Disney. 
Goodness gracious that would stink! 

My great Lifeguarding Friends. 

All in all though, lifeguarding class was awesome because we made the greatest friends! 
Seriously, our class rocked. 
In celebration last night, we went to the College Program Cinco de Mayo party where we got free food and awesome DJ-ing.
Can I say I love my job? Cause I do. 

Later, we went and ended our celebration with a Kitchen Sink: 
8 scoops of ice cream, a can of whip cream and all the toppings and all 9 of us couldn't even finish it. 

It was a great night, indeed. 

Love always,

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