That Missing Piece.

Often times, I feel like little pieces of my heart are scattered.
Some are in Arizona, some are hours away away from me, some are minutes away.
But, they're still all scattered
And there's always a little missing piece in my heart for them.

However, I feel like that scattering makes those pieces fit better when every piece is back together.
When I return home, nothing feels so sweet,
When I hug my grandma again, she always means more to me,
And when I get a letter, I feel like I could fly.

People say that once they're out of sight, they're out of mind,
but I believe in the contrary saying:
distance makes the heart grow fonder.
If it didn't, I don't think there'd be much reason for us to be on Earth,
we could have just stayed in heaven, close to our Heavenly Father forever.

Instead, we're here on Earth, growing closer to him;
just as we grow closer to those who are important to us on the Earth while they're away.

And that's why I believe that feeling like I'm missing a piece of my heart,
is worth the wait and only makes my love grow stronger.

Love always,


Karli said...

Amen. :)

Rachel Lyn said...

I love that thought! That distance from Heavenly Father makes us grow closer, never thought of it like that :)

Haylee Freeman said...

One of my favorite posts Miss Barton. I concur with Rach. You're just too cute ta boot!