Ode to Technology.

Oh, technology, how I adore you.
I love the way in which you connect me to my man.
I love that I can take you most everywhere;
if only I could make you water-proof I would love you even more.

Oh, technology, thank you for being so amazing
and for reminding me that the world has become quite small
and keeping me connected to my friends across the world
even if you loose connection occasionally.

Oh, technology, my life would be sad without you.
How else would I remember the perfect laugh,
the hair twisting, and the teasing?
You are a fabulous thing, technology.


Since Garrett is across the country,
I've become really grateful for time spent on Facetime-
especially when his mom or sister join in.
I know I've said it before, but I really love technology.
There are so many amazing ways to be connected to those who mean the most to us
and for me, being connected to those I love is what's most important during the holidays.

Oh, am I excited to get back to Utah and Mr. G.F. Wilkes.

Love always,


Natalie said...

ah! i love technology too! two weeks is a long time to be away... one week down, right? your man seems great! i mean the birthday surprise he did for you? crazy.

Spencer said...

Oh goodness. Emma, I love you guys, but sometimes you guys are a little too cute for me :P lol