The View from Twenty.

I've now been twenty for a grand total of two and a half weeks. Let me tell you, I love it.
Mostly, I love the people who made my birthday magical- yes, magical.
Over the years, I feel like I've always been blessed to have wonderful, wonderful people in my life and that has not changed as I've gone away to college. I've found more and more that the Lord puts amazing people into my life to change my life and make it oh so wonderful. Let's take an examination of my birthday to prove this point.

Garrett. He started off my day full of 20 love notes hidden in my apartment AND at work. He involved my friends and made sure that I got all of them before coming over for the final part of the present- with flowers in hand. He wanted to make sure that I felt special throughout the day, and boy howdy did I. Not only that, but all the little notes that he gave to Sophia to hide at work kinda made Nan begin to start to approve of him. Good work there, Garrett, you sneaky boyfriend. His gift was also extremely thoughtful. He knew I had been looking for the Anastasia soundtrack for ages and so he found it for me! Gotta love a boy who keeps track of the little details of your life.

Next, we have Ms. Sophia Giler. Hi, I love her. Sophia is my work friend who became my real friend that I text almost every day. We love each other. She convinced Nan to let her make a cake for me and then invited Alex over to our office for secret family pictures in order to document my birthday. She is the reason that my roommates and I love Pretty Girl Rock and the reason that I love work so much. The fact that we are working almost all 20 hours together next semester makes me ridiculously happy for our lives. She's been such an amazing friend to me and made sure that I felt the love on my birthday- even if she forgot one of the notes that Garrett had written to me. I still love her.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have my amazing roommates. They took me out to Ihop on my actual birthday and all bought me books and then, on Saturday, they absolutely surprised me by planning a surprise party for me that included all my favorite people, bowling, and ice cream cake. Can a girl ask for much more from her best friends? I don't think so. I adore those girls.

So yes, the view from twenty has been magnificent and I feel incredibly blessed. I'm also incredibly happy to be home with my crazy family- it's funny how much I just want to be around my family now that I don't live at home. I can't wait for a fabulous twentieth year of life and feel very grateful to have made it this far surrounded by so many fabulous people. I am one very lucky girl.

Love always,

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