Why I love Books.

I remember when I first read Anne of Green Gables. I was enchanted to no end. I loved Anne. I wanted to be her so bad. I remember begging my mom to find the next couple of books in the series because Anne needed to be in my life. I remember going into my backyard and pretending that I was Anne walking across my invisible picket fence. I decided to refer to my best friends as my kindred spirits when I wrote in my journal. Anne was my hero, and I loved her as a dear friend- I still do.

The first book I remember connecting to however, was Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry. I read it in fourth grade and it moved me. I cannot remember in what way it moved me, but I remember finishing it and feeling different. Last year, I bought it for my own collection just so I could own it. I haven't reread it since my initial read all those years ago but, just remembering the feeling I had in finishing it brings back chills as I remember falling in love with books. 

I love the power of books to create a world, pull you in, and block out all the noise of life- the pain, the sorrow, the craziness and the stress of normal life. Books have the ability to take that all away and a good book makes you stop and analyze your world through its lens to change your own world. I was talking to Garrett the other day and he asked me for my favorite Jane Austen book (aside from Pride & Prejudice because he's already read it). I told him Emma and he proceeded to tell me that he needed another book to read as he headed to Ohio for his Grandma's funeral. He needed an escape, and he was seeking it in a book. I immediately understood how he was feeling and what he was seeking. Only books can remove you from the world in such a way. That is their power and beauty. 

I love books because the teach. 
I love books because they move you. 
I love books because they inspire.
But most of all, 
I love books because they create an escape from reality. 

Love always, 

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