An Example.

Today, with his permission, I would like to tell you about Garrett's best friend and one of my really good friends, Spencer.

Spencer met Garrett during their freshman year here at BYU and they have been friends- best friends, actually, since then. Spencer's friendship has meant a lot to Garrett over the past three years, and as I've become friends with Spencer, it has meant to me. In all honesty, he has become such an incredibly example to me. Let me tell you why.

This October, Spencer decided to do something that took an insane amount of courage. He decided to tell the world (literally, since it was on his blog for everyone to see) about his struggles with same-sex attraction. As a member of The LDS church, and a student at BYU this was a huge step because being gay and mormon is, unfortunately, a pretty taboo subject; even though understanding is growing among members in the church, there are still a lot of misconceptions. However, Spencer "came out" and with this coming out has encountered an enormous amount of support and has become a huge support to men at BYU who struggle with the same attractions.

The most amazing thing to me though, is how sure Spencer is of the atonement. I have never met another person who has such great faith in Jesus Christ, His atoning sacrifice, and thus, His ability to comfort in times of trial. Through this, I feel that Spencer has really been able to acquire the gift of charity. Spencer loves EVERY.ONE. He knows that the Lord is on his side and consequently, he is able to extend his hand of friendship to so many people around him and I seriously admire that. I admire how faithful he is and his great desire to do good in the world. I have not a single doubt in my mind that he will be able to do anything and everything that he wants in this life- including a marriage in the temple. I'm grateful that he has shown me the true meaning of charity and has taught me through his example, courage, hope, faith, and above all, love for God's children.

Also, he's really funny and just a great guy. So he has that going for him too. But really, his blog is worth a read if you care to be enlightened and uplifted. I especially love this post.

Love always,

Spencer's Blog: Here
Garrett's Guest Post: Here


Spencer said...

To be fair... I don't love everyone. I try to... but (I'll be honest) some people are hard to love. ;)

Kaylie said...

This gives me so much hope for our society! Thanks for sharing.