A Progression of Friendship.


As you may be able to tell from the photo dump that is currently all over your screen, Morgan Davis and I have been friends for an incredibly long time. I believe that it started long ago in nursery. We were probably two and a half when she, Jessika Bodrero, and myself met for the first time. I bet nobody could foretell that we would be forming an everlasting friendship in that fateful Adobe Ward Nursery room. Since that time, we've remained the best of friends. Growing up, there was nothing that Morgan and I did separately   We were on swim team- together. We danced- together. We were in ELP- together. We played the violin in Southwest Stringers- together. We read Jane Austen's Emma without understanding a word of it- together. Our ward eventually got split, and then Morgan was pretty much a part of The Greenfield ward with Jess and I. The three of us continued to be friends until those separating Poston Jr. High cheer try outs. They became cheerleaders and I became the student council nerd (a position that had been my fate since the fourth grade student council). Morgan and I were still friends, but we started to discover ourselves by doing different things- imagine that, becoming your own person! 

Anyway, eventually, student council would bring us back together for good. I became Jr. Class Spirit commissioner and she was Jr. Class President. We were once again doing things together and my life was once more complete. Granted, we had to put up with the ornery Ms. Scott,  but it was well worth it. We spent countless hours at Hobby Lobby, Toro Stadium, covered in glitter while decorating for dances, painting new posters, and avoiding Ms. Scott.  

It was bliss all over again, kind of like being a kid again and you know your best friend will be your best friend forever.  I loved every second of planning Jr. Prom with her, even though we still think that it would have been a lot cooler in the air hanger than Lavender and Old Lace. That's a different story, though. Senior year our old friendship continued and we graduated as best friends- the three amigos (Morg, Jess, and me) reunited at the end of our public education career. 

I could not have ever asked for a better best friend. I mean, who else is willing to play piranha popcorn with you- ya know, where the burnt popcorn pieces are piranhas and you can't touch them as you sit stranded in the middle of the tramp. Who else will try and clean up your dishwasher that has bubbles flowing out of it before your mom gets home because you put hand soap in it instead of dish soap and you just know it will be the end of the world if your mom comes home to find her kitchen floor is now a bubble bath. Few people would put up with my need to be the youngest girl when playing house (thanks Jess and Morg) or my awful Nintendo 64 skills (thanks Jess and Morg, again). Even fewer people will always be there for you no matter how old you get, how many dumb boys you date, or how many times you lick their face on accident (now that's a long story). 

However, somehow, through all those things, I still have my very best friend by my side. I cannot even express the immense gratitude I feel for Morgan. Through thick and thin, she's been there. She knows every part of my life. She knows the Barton family secrets, she knows the names of all our former pets, she even knows our garage code! She's been to California with my family more times than I can count. She's seen my mom singing into corn cobs, she's gotten in fights with Caleb, and she was an excellent support in making Seth and Shan kiss when they were four (which we got in trouble for). 

My life without Morgan would be boring. I wouldn't have someone to make up emoji stories with. I wouldn't have someone who loves Wii Party as much as I do. I wouldn't have a friend who is an expert "Emma shopper" and I wouldn't have someone to run to Last Chance with when we only have an hour left till it closes. Essentially, I wouldn't have anyone who is always up for spontaneous  crazy, sometimes idiotic things.  She doesn't stop me from being idiotic, which I guess is a good thing? Well, I mean, she stops me from doing really idiotic things, just not from making a full of myself in public. 

So, Morgan Davis. I hope that your 20th year is filled with lots and lots of good things. Like funny videos, and lots of photobooth pics, and funny letters from our good friend Maeser. I have no doubt that we will continue to stay best friends for life, I don't think it'd be possible for us to stop being friends- it'd be like taking away all the air in the world. Maybe not that dramatic, but you get the point. I love you to the next galaxy and back! 

Love always, 


Morgan Davis said...

oh my gosh i love you so much! this is so so great, you are the best!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emma! Remember me? I was in your ward back in AZ. Sterling Jones is my brother. I just found your darling blog. love it! you are so cute!