Birthday Girl, Bexs!

This, is the lovely Rebecca Udall outside of the Louvre. She is my roommate, my dear, dear, friend, and I really just adore her to the ends of the earth.

I've known Becca since she moved back to Arizona in third grade. We had the same teacher through sixth grade and we've also been in the same ward since she moved. These 12 years (isn't that crazy?!) have been filled with countless memories. Like the time we pretended to be pirates in her front yard with our IBC root beer bottles. Or the time that we made a Ms. America movie. Or when she introduced me to the Movie Uptown Girls. Or the time we listened to Ingrid Michaelson as we sat on the second level of our tour bus driving through the Greek countryside. Or the times we had singing and dancing parties in our dorm room. Or our fabulous Waffle Saturdays in the Cannon Center.

However, my favorite moments with Becca (aside from the crazy fun moments that constantly happen) are the times that we are able to havec meaningful conversations about life, our concerns, and anything else that intrigues our curious minds. I indeed miss our setup in the dorm room- perfect late-night conversation setting. It's good to know that I can always count on Becca to understand my thoughts and feelings and listen to everything without judgement.

I love lots of things about Becca; her humor, her voices, her wanderlust, her studious nature, her dancing, her well-read brain (yes, I love her brain), and her love of memorizing all the countries in the world. She is just such a well-rounded person, how could you not love her?

Becca, I have the highest wishes for your 20th year! I hope it's filled with lots of cute elephants, happiness (I know, super vague), lots of amazing times spent among friends, and plenty of Miranda Sings.

I love you tons, Becca!

Love always,


Becca Udall said...

Awww thanks Ems! I love you!

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

best friends are the best ..especially when they're the perfect combination of bringing out your fun lighthearted side and your meaningful, deeper side.

and i love that picture. and paris.

just found your blog and excited to be your newest follower!