The Beginning of Summer.

 Welcome, Summer!

Well, summer has finally arrived, and man oh mighty does it feel wonderful.
A. I don't have to stress about school.
B. I'm home, sleeping in my own bed, being fed by my mother.
C. It is a wonderful 100 degrees outside and it makes my life to walk outside and feel the sun zap me like that.
D. I have time to read, sleep, and enjoy life.

Summer started out real well. Joe, Chad, Emily, and I ventured out to the Spanish Fork hot springs on the last day of finals. The moon was bright, the springs were deliciously warm. The company was marvelous.

The rest of the week was spent as a homeless bum at Sophia's place. I slept on her couch Wednesday-Saturday morning. Thankfully, she has maybe the most comfortable couch on the planet. Activities included Target shopping, jacuzzinging, group rinse offs in the showers, making forts, and bawling our eyes out as we watched The Impossible. Oh, and redoing Sophia's blog and cleaning their apartment for cleaning checks. All good things. It was incredibly difficult to say goodbye to Soph, but I know we'll see each other soon enough.

Now I'm home. Going to the gym with my mother at 5 in the morning. Celebrating Naomi's wedding with Bridal Showers. Working for my dad. Reading, reading, reading, and going to sleep early.

Ain't life the greatest?
I contest that it is.

Love always,

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Natalie said...

fun! the 5 am gym part not so much, but man does AZ sound perfect.