Happy Birthday, Dadio!

I would just like to publicly announce that I have the greatest father and wish him a very happy 48th birthday. I feel okay announcing his age to the internet considering that all day at the office he continually told people that 48 was his greatest year and that's he's never felt better. If he wasn't feeling so great about his age, I wouldn't parade his age around, but apparently, it's great to be 48!

I've really loved working with my dad this week and am excited to spend the entire summer working with him at least once a week. He's just a joy to be around- really, he is. First off, he rarely gets mad. I think I can remember two times when I saw his temperature rise. Secondly, he enjoyes laughing- but not just the normal laugh that most normal people do... the big, boisterous, everybody in the building will hear laugh (he sneezes the same way, but that's a different story).  The point of his laugh is to reinforce the idea that he just spreads happiness- kinda like a sneeze spreads germs (weird analogy? totally). Third, I have always known how much he loves me. I've never even begun to question his love for our family. He continually supports us in all of our adventures and aspirations and makes sure that we know we have his support and love. He also gets a bit over-enthusiastic about our exciting adventures, but that just makes you know that he really does love and care about whatever it is that he's trying to be a part of by living vicariously through you (if that makes sense). I also love that he leaves me notes and writes me poetry- I fully blame him for my romantic ideas and determinations in life, but I'm also really grateful he taught me to appreciate that because romance and chivalry are not dead in the world and I think I have a right to expect that from someone I love.  :)

Mostly, I just love that my dad has always stood by my side and been my hand to hold when times get tough. I love that he has shown me what a loving father should be like. I love that he pursues his dreams and helps me pursue mine. I love that he never stops loving my mom. I love knowing that he will forever be mine and that God blessed me by making me his daughter.

I love you, Dad!

Love always,

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Anonymous said...

I think you summarized Dad better in that post than I have read anywhere else. Loved this. Dad is the best.