Book Review: The Sky Beneath my Feet

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"They're all here, the people I love and the people I want to love. There are no robes, no halos, not that the eye can see, but there are souls, plenty of those."

Summer reading is officially moving forward, and the first book of the summer for me was Lisa Samson's The Sky Beneath My Feet. I had no idea what I was getting into when I began the book- normally, I'm not one for Christian fiction, but I found myself rather intrigued by this novel. The narrator was fun, down-to-earth, relatable, and struggling through life like the rest of us; a relatable narrator alway gets me and drags me in, and Beth was no exception.

Beth's struggles include a preacher husband who's apparently going crazy (or so we all think), children she just doesn't seem to relate to, and beliefs she's trying to remember why she believes. I felt that her story was believable on every level- emotional, physical, and spiritual. We've all had days that seem like nothing more could go wrong, and that seems to be almost everyday for Beth. However, as the novel winds up, Beth, her husband, and children find peace and happiness in remembering the basics of christianity that their artist-neighbor Deedee teaches them- we are all souls and children of God who are struggling but working to be a little bit better.

Lisa Samson crafts a beautiful narrative that is a quick, enjoyable read. I felt that her characters were well rounded (Beth's husband is even so obnoxious at the beginning that I was sure I would never like him, but it turns out I liked him towards the end). Samson points to the simple story of  life that everyone can relate to and illuminates the ways in which we can all come closer to our families, our society, and our God.

If you're interested at all, I would definitely give this book a quick read.

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