Emma Should be....

Here is a list of things I should be doing and what I am. :)
Emma should be studying her 'glossary' words.... instead Emma is blogging
Emma should be rational... but rational people are dull!
Emma should be doing her conotation/ denotation homework.... but Emma is making cookies.
Emma should be practicing her violin.. but emma is dancing around her kitchen. :)
Emma should be wearing her own sweatshirt tomorrow... but she's wearing her brother's.
Emma should have worn her own jacket the past two days.... but Emma decided a different jacket that was much better than her own. :)
Emma possibly should not be so romanticly inclined..... or not. :)

There is a list of should be's... now a good list. :)
Emma is super romantic and it makes life much more exciting. :)
Emma is making cookies for her seminary class cause she loves them. :)
Emma is blogging cause she may be addicted.... :)
Emma is in love cause it's the best place to be. :)
Emma is wearing her brother's sweatshirt cause she loves and misses him.
Emma is going to do nothing in stuco tomorrow cause the Scotinator is gone!
Emma is going to go to the game tomorrow- go toros, go. :)
Emma did get an 84% on her chemistry test! YIPPEE!

Emma is starting something called RACKs! {Random Acts of Caring Kindness}! I just came up with the idea! I'm going to do something random and kind for someone everyday! Like I'm starting tomorrow! Well, kinda today! Remember the cookies? I decided to take some to this kid in my chemistry class! {other than Mr. R} because I was thinking, he's nice to me! He deserves cookies! :) Anyways, I will report on how this comes along. :) I do hope it works cause it seems like so much fun!

Oh, btw, I have temple pics I need to put up but I need to download them to my computer first...which I'm thinking I'll do tomorrow cause Mr. R and I are going to have some fun picture times tomorrow night! :) Ah! Why is life so wonderful???? :) I dunno, but I LOVE {love} LoVe it! :) But since I don't have any pics right now I shall find a picture of true happiness like this one:
{I don't know why, but I love it!}
Love Always,


alex said...

oh emma... I really miss you. we need to have another jane austin/ hugh grant night soon, okay?

Lucas said...

2 things about this post.
1. the scotinater? really? well there could be other words to describe her but I guess that works hehe
2.you and caleb trade clothes like its your job.seriously
the end.