this is happiness.

Holy cantolie... I'm soo soo soo soo so very happy right now! You don't even understand! Plus, I found some cute/funny pics on my favotire website. I'll share the love later. :)

So, onto my happiness. Mr. R. hm....can you say he probably wins the sweetest person alive award? Yup, he wins it. Even after the bad news about his back today, he's still so wonderful and kind to me and says THE cutest things ever! if this weren't the world wide web, I would post what he said, but since I kinda want it to be special still, I'm keeping it for myself, sorry, I'm selfish. :) But really, he's great, and ah! I just don't even know what more to say! And this is totally something he would say to me-->
Which makes me rofl major, but yet, is so cute and funny! And that's just how Mr. R is! It's fabulous! Want to know how he told me he likes me? He said, "Today it hit me like a semitruck...I really like you." Ya, not even kidding. It's so him and so funny! hehe.

Tomorrow is THE HOLY WAR! boyah! SOOOO excited! We're going to the game and we're going to freeze but it's all worth it to see the Cougs kick some Utes trash!!!! :) It'll be bomb {dot} comdizzle. :)

Do you ever have really funny things that people do that you just rofl and rofl and rofl about? It's kinda like this picture for meIf you don't understand. think upon it for a while, and it will come. Pretty much, I almost peed my pants when I saw it. :) They need an acronym for that.... they have one for rolling on the floor laughing, why not just peed my pants laughing? jpmpl? hm... doesn't quite work.... somebody help me come up with this new one! It'll be the best acronym yet! bahaha!
But Captin Momo and her family have been FB stalking me for a while and everything they do makes it roflmania for me! bahaha. Love them all so very much! Like if you even would rofl too!

So I'm just so happy I don't even know what to do with myself! Did I mention that winter formal is a week away? I didn't? oh let me do that, WINTER FORMAL IS A WEEK AWAY!!! And I'm soooooooooooooo excited! It's going to be the best thing...pretty much....ever. AH! Love it!

I'm going to go to sleep with the most pleasant dreams ever. :) I hope everyone's day has been amazing, I know mine was. :) Have a fabulous Saturday tomorrow and pleasant dreams! :)

Love Always,

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